Annual Statements

Every year we provide a statement to registered workers. It is a record of how much long service has been credited with Long Service Corporation for cleaning work you have performed in NSW between 1 July and 30 June, as recorded by your employer/s.

It also shows:

  • The service credits you recorded in the previous year
  • The service credits recorded since you were registered in the scheme
  • The total ordinary wages paid to you as reported by your employer/s for the financial year.

Check your contact details are correct on your Annual Statement each year to ensure you receive important information about your recorded service.

Make sure that:

  • All the employers you have worked for during the year are shown on the statement
  • The service credits are correct for the periods that you were employed
  • The total ordinary wages are correct.

In some cases the wages will be different to what is shown on your PAYG Payment Summary or payslips because employers do not report to Long Service Corporation any termination payments, redundancy payments, leave loading, overtime (for full time staff), bonuses or allowances such as meal allowances or travel allowances.

If you have any queries about the information in your Annual Statement, you should advise us within six months of the date the statement was issued.

Fact Sheets:

CCI Annual Statement - FAQs

CCI Annual Statement - How to read guide

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