Work outside NSW

The Long Service Corporation covers cleaning work performed in NSW.

Similar portable long service schemes for the contract cleaning industry exist in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT.

Service recorded with another portable long service scheme may be used to maintain your NSW registration and calculate your entitlement for long service payments.

Work on Commonwealth land or on a Commonwealth place is not eligible for service credits under the Contract Cleaning Industry Long Service Leave (CCI LSL) scheme administered by the Long Service Corporation (LSC) in NSW.

Maintaining your NSW registration

Your registration may be cancelled if you have no recognised service on your NSW registration for more than four consecutive financial years.

Keep your NSW registration active

  • if you have service recorded with another portable long service scheme, send us a copy of your statement every year


  • if you’re working in a state or territory where there’s no portable long service scheme, send us a letter from your employer confirming your employment in the contract cleaning industry each year.

Service recorded interstate

Service recorded interstate may be used to calculate your entitlement to a long service payment and calculate your payment.

You can’t record more than a combined total of 365 days in a year if you’re registered in NSW and are also recording service in another state or territory’s scheme.


Ausleave provides information about each state and territory's scheme. You can update your contact details with schemes across Australia using Ausleave.

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