How service is recorded for workers

If you’re employed on wages to do contract cleaning work, your employer is required by law to register you as a worker with the Long Service Corporation.

Your employer will lodge a ‘return’ with us every three months. The return includes:

  • your contact details
  • the period you were employed during those three months
  • when you started or finished employment with your employer
  • the total ordinary wages paid to you for cleaning work in that period.

About the levy

As well as lodging a return, your employer will also pay us a levy on the ordinary wages you were paid.

The levy must not be deducted from your wages. It is an extra payment that your employer must make to the Long Service Corporation.

The levy is paid into a fund used to pay workers when they claim a long service entitlement. Money is not held in an account on behalf of individual workers.

Service credit

Service credits are recorded for the period you are engaged by an employer, not on the number of days worked. The period includes days you were unable to work, for example, if you were on worker’s compensation.

You do not have to work in the cleaning industry all the time. You can have a break from the industry for up to four years without affecting your entitlements.

A bonus year (365 days) of service is credited to workers who were registered in the scheme by 31 December 2011. These workers are recognised as 'Foundation Workers' and this credit counts towards long service leave entitlement in this scheme.

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