Appealing the corporation's decisions

Some decisions made by the Long Service Corporation affecting workers can be appealed to the independent Contract Cleaning Industry Long Service Leave Committee.

You can appeal:

  • refusal to register a worker
  • cancellation of a worker registration
  • use of a deemed maximum rate of pay to calculate a worker's long service leave payment.

Committee members include employer and union representatives from the contract cleaning industry in NSW.

The committee reviews information used in the original decision along with other information provided. Appeals must address reasons for the original decision and show where this was incorrect or where information used was interpreted incorrectly.

An appeal should include supporting documents. This can include work diaries, a letter from an employer detailing work performed and period of employment, position description, references, statutory declarations or invoices showing the work performed.

Appeals must be lodged within 42 days of the date you’re notified of a decision. The Committee Chairperson may accept an appeal within six months in the event of exceptional circumstances.

If you need to lodge an appeal, return the form supplied to you as soon as possible. Contact us on 13 14 41 for more information.

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