Information for contractors

If you’re a contractor who performs cleaning work, you can register for the scheme as a worker. This is voluntary. You will need to lodge a return every three months if you choose to register.

If you’re a contractor already registered as a CCI worker with the scheme, were on a wage and your employer recorded service for you, you must lodge contractor returns and pay the associated levy.

Levies are payable to the Long Service Corporation. These are calculated at 1.0% of your ordinary pay for the return period. Before 1 July 2021, the levy rate was 1.7%.

Any outstanding levy payments for the period between 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2021 are subject to the 1.7% levy rate. Penalties apply for not paying this rate.

You can apply for long service leave after 10 years of recognised service in the scheme as a registered worker.

Long service leave payments for the period you were a contractor include the levy amounts paid by the contractor to the Corporation, plus at least 75% of the rate of interest earned by the Corporation on those levies paid in by the worker.

Call us to apply for worker registration as a contractor on 13 14 41.

Cancelling your registration

Under the legislation, we must cancel your worker registration if you:

  • are not eligible
  • do not record service for at least four years in a row
  • have been paid a pro rata payment after permanently leaving the industry
  • have asked us to voluntarily cancel your registration.

We will notify you if your registration is about to be cancelled. If your registration is about to be cancelled because you were not eligible to register or you did not record any service for at least four years in a row, you can appeal to the independent Contract Cleaning Industry Long Service Leave Committee. You must lodge your appeal to the committee within 42 days of the date of the notification of cancellation.

Reinstating your registration

If your registration has been cancelled, you may be able to apply to have your registration reinstated. You must apply for reinstatement within six years of your registration being cancelled.

Call us on 13 14 41 to discuss your circumstances or email

Reinstating your registration means all previously recorded service will count towards any future long service leave payment.

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