Appeals to the Long Service Leave committee

Certain decisions made by the Corporation affecting a sole trader who is registered as a worker may be appealed to the independent Contract Cleaning Industry Long Service Leave Committee. These include:

  • Refusal of registration as a worker. If you apply to register yourself as a worker and the Corporation finds that you are not eligible to register, your application will be refused.
  • Cancellation of a worker registration. If you are already a registered worker and the Corporation finds that you should not have been registered because you are not eligible, your registration will be cancelled.
  • The use of a deemed maximum rate of pay to calculate a workers’ long service leave payment. If you apply to the Corporation for long service leave and your ordinary rate of pay is higher than a prescribed deemed maximum rate, your payment will be calculated at the deemed maximum rate.
  • Refusal to grant an extension of time to pay a levy.
  • Refusal to waive or reduce interest payable on an unpaid levy.
  • A notice of assessment received for an unpaid levy.

If you are affected by a decision on one of these matters, the Corporation will advise you in writing with an explanation of the reasons for the decision.

If you disagree with the Corporation’s decision, you can lodge an appeal with the independent Contract Cleaning Industry Long Service Leave Committee.

To lodge an appeal, you must contact the Committee Secretary on 13 14 41 as soon as possible after you receive advice of the decision.

  • An appeal must be lodge within 42 days of the date of notification of the decision. Appeals lodged outside the 42 day period cannot be accepted.
  • The Committee Secretary will provide you with an appeal form and information about the appeal process.
  • Any appeal must address the Corporation's reasons for its decision and demonstrate where the decision may be incorrect because the information used has not been interpreted correctly.


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