Before you Make a Payment

If an employer intends to pay long service leave (under the Long Service Leave Act 1955) to a registered worker, the employer must advise the Corporation before the payment is made.

This is to prevent workers from receiving a long service payment from the scheme for the same period should they mistakenly apply to the Corporation at the same time.

The Corporation will also advise employers when a long-standing employee of theirs receives a long service payment from the scheme. Employers should note this on their records, to ensure that the worker doesn't get a double payment for any period of work.

Failure by employers to adhere to the requirements, which results in a double payment to workers, may result in debt recovery action on workers. It may also prevent any payment to an employer where a worker claims a benefit from both the employer and the Corporation.

Use this form to tell the Corporation the details of any proposed long service payments.

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