Long service leave in the industry

In New South Wales most workers who are employed continuously for 10 years with the one employer become entitled to 8.67 weeks paid long service leave.

For workers in the contract cleaning industry it is unusual to work for the same employer for 10 years.

To help cleaning workers get a long service entitlement, the Long Service Corporation recognises a worker’s service in the contract cleaning industry rather than just with one employer.

As a worker registered with the Long Service Corporation, you become entitled to paid long service leave when you record 10 years of service in this scheme. It doesn’t matter how many employers you have worked for.

It is important to remember that long service leave is different to superannuation.

The money collected from levy payments made by employers is pooled into a fund that pays long service leave entitlements to workers. The levy monies paid by your employer are not directly deposited into an account in your name.

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