Employer Return options

The employer Return can be completed by selecting the 'Complete returns online' button to your right.

There are two methods of Return lodgement that an employer may use. Each method must be accessed via our Returns online facility. The following information will assist you to determine which method may be most suitable for you.

Option 1 - Manual data entry

This option is best suited for employers with less than 20 employees. You will need to manually enter each worker’s details onto an electronic worker application form provided on the Return. Don't forget to finalise your Return once you have entered each worker's details.

Download Employer Return Guide for Option 1.

Option 2 - Download, edit and upload your Return data

This option is best suited to small and medium employers with 20-100 employees, who use software packages such as MYOB or Quicken etc. This option allows you to download from the Corporation a Microsoft Excel template, copy and paste your worker’s data from your payroll software, save it as a CSV file and upload the template back to the Corporation. Worker data can also be manually entered onto the template using this option.

Download Employer Return Guide for Option 2.

Your Return method has been set by the Corporation. More detailed information on Return methods can be found under Employer Guide for Online Returns to your right. If you would like to discuss or change your lodgement options please contact the Corporation on 13 14 41.

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