Keeping records

Employers must keep books and records for seven years after the day an employee stops being employed by them.

Employers must keep the following records:

  • name and date of birth of employees
  • registration number of the worker if the employee is a registered worker
  • description of work carried out by each employee
  • gross ordinary wages for each return period for each employee
  • number of days worked by employees in each return period
  • the date an employee started work with them
  • records of long service leave granted to employees
  • if the employee finishes working for the employer, the date the employee finishes work
  • details of pro rata payment made instead of long service leave to an employee who stops service.

Employers must ensure work on Commonwealth places is excluded from their quarterly returns.

Investigators have the authority to inspect an employer’s records to check that they are complying with their legal obligations.

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