When you can take long service leave

Workers in New South Wales will be entitled to long service leave after completing 10 years of recognised service with one or more employers in the contract cleaning industry.

This means you will receive 8.67 weeks (two months) of long service leave after 10 years of service. The amount paid will be based on your average ordinary weekly wage.

After completing each additional five years of service, you will be entitled to another 4.33 weeks (one month) of long service leave.

A worker is entitled to take long service leave within six months of it falling due. However, the worker and employer may agree to extend this period up to a maximum of five years. In this case, the employer must notify the Corporation within seven days of the agreement being reached.

A pro rata payment may apply in certain circumstances after five years of recognised service.

You can apply for a payment if you have five years of recognised service and:

  • you have permanently left the industry, or
  • in the event of your death your personal representative may apply for a payment.

If you work with the same employer for long enough you may be entitled to a long service leave benefit from your employer. You will not be entitled to receive benefits from both your employer and us. Check with the Corporation before applying for any long service benefits.

Please note that we may contact your current or previous employer to verify information when processing your claim.

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