How much do you get?

To qualify for a long service payment, you must have enough service credits in the scheme.

The payment for 10 years of recorded service is 8.67 weeks' pay, equivalent to two months.

The rate of pay is calculated as follows:

  • For workers paid under an award
    The rate of pay used is the appropriate award rate for the type of work that you do (e.g. carpenter, plumber, plant operator etc).
  • For workers paid under a certified agreement
    If you are paid under a certified agreement the Corporation will pay you at your ordinary rate of pay according to that agreement.
    If you are a working director or directly supervise workers, then the Corporation will pay at the rate under the certified agreement or applicable award for the work of the workers being supervised.
  • Over award payments and informal arrangements
    The Corporation does not recognise informal or "hand shake" arrangements, and cannot pay you more than the award or certified agreement rate.
  • For contractors
    Contractors are paid at the award rate for the type of work they do.

The Corporation records service for each registered worker however a registered worker is not entitled to any long service payment from the Corporation until a point of eligibility for a claim is reached.

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