Keep books and records

The Building and Construction Industry Long Service Payments Act 1986 requires employers in the building and construction industry to keep adequate books and records for workers containing the following:

  • time sheets or attendance records of the worker
  • name, address, and email address of the worker
  • registration number of the worker
  • type of work performed by the worker
  • award or agreement under which the worker is paid
  • total number of days (rounded off to the nearest whole number) of building and construction work performed by the worker each week.

Records must be retained for at least six years after the last entry of service. Employers must ensure work on Commonwealth places is excluded from their employer return.

Investigators from LSC are authorised to inspect books and records to check that employers are meeting their obligations under the scheme. If books and records are kept in electronic form, they must be able to be printed and produced in written form.

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