If your employer ceases trading

Sometimes when an employer ceases trading or goes into liquidation, service records are not lodged before the business winds up. To protect your long service entitlement you should:

1. Ask for an End Notice to be lodged

Ask your employer to lodge an End Notice stating your last day of employment, or if preferred please contact us for assistance.

2. Check your details online

You can check your long service record or update your contact details at any time, by logging into the Worker Portal.

3. Check your Annual Statement for missing service

Always check your Annual Statement to ensure all your NSW building and construction work has been recorded. To notify us of any missing service or if you have been unable to work, download and complete the Record Update Form.

4. Check with us before accepting a long service entitlement from a liquidator

If you are offered a long service entitlement as part of a termination payment by a liquidator, we recommend you first check with us before accepting this payment. Sometimes payments offered by liquidators are less than your full entitlement.

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