Employ workers in other States and Territories

There are long service schemes for the building and construction industry operating in all States and Territories. These schemes are party to a National Agreement which permits Service recorded by building and construction workers in more than one State to be added together to establish eligibility of workers to a long service benefit/payment.

Employers who operate on a national basis should register with the relevant scheme in EACH of the States/ Territories where their employees work. They should also submit the appropriate advice of their workers' service to the long service scheme in that State, making sure to quote the correct registration number for the worker in that State.

Why this is important

Workers in the building and construction industry should also register with the long service scheme in EACH of the States where they work. Worker registration and employer compliance in each State will ensure that workers receive full credit for their work in the various State/Territory industries.

If you have long-term employees who become eligible for long service from you, you will be able to apply for a compensating payment from the Corporation, which, in some instances, will include interstate service.

Remember, you must advise the Corporation BEFORE you pay any long service benefit to a worker. Email the Corporation  to advise of a proposed payment.  See Before you make a long service payment to a worker.

Workers will also obtain the benefit of having all their Service in the different schemes counted towards establishing their entitlement.

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