What is long service?

Long service leave in NSW was conceived during the 19th century. It was an extended period of leave given to Colonial civil servants so that they could make the long trip back to the United Kingdom.

Long service leave is now a legislated requirement for employees who have been employed by the one employer for usually ten (10) years. This is to give workers the opportunity of an extended break from work. Conditions for eligibility and granting of long service leave for most employees in NSW are governed by the Long Service Leave Act 1955.

The Long Service Corporation administers a portable long service benefits scheme for building and construction industry workers in NSW. The scheme was created in 1975 under NSW legislation. There are similar schemes in the other States and Territories.

Although all the basic building trades are covered, there are differences in work covered by all these schemes. Specific coverage information should be obtained from the schemes in each State. Arrangements are in place for the schemes to recognise eligible work that has been recorded in the various schemes to be added together for payment of a long service benefit. This arrangement ensures a national approach in respect of the basic building trades.

Each State's Scheme issues its own registration card and the registration numbers are different for each State. Building and construction workers must be registered in each state where they work.

Building and construction workers in NSW have access to legislated benefits for long service, superannuation and redundancy. The three are NOT the same thing.

Superannuation is a scheme whereby contributions are made to provide lump sum or pension benefits to workers. For most building and construction workers this will be administered by C+BUS. There is a legal requirement for employers to contribute to their employees' superannuation.

Redundancy is a scheme whereby payments are made to workers when they are made redundant by their employer. For most workers this will be administered by the Construction Employees Redundancy Trust (ACIRT).

Employers in the building and construction industry in NSW have specific legal obligations in respect of the scheme administered by the Corporation. These are to be found in the Legal obligations menu at left.

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