Backdating your registration

When your record starts

Sometimes workers are registered with the scheme long after they started working in the building and construction industry. This means that they will not have credits for work they did before their registration date.

A person registered as a worker can apply for an earlier registration date, however, if the person has requested a date that is earlier than two (2) years before the request was made, the Corporation must not fix that date unless satisfied that special circumstances warrant it doing so.

The existence of special circumstances should explain why the worker did not either make an objection to the accuracy of a notice of service credits, or apply for an earlier date of registration earlier.

Special circumstances may include but are not limited to:

  • Non-English speaking background and low literacy
  • Employer failure to record service (this does not include Working Directors)
  • Occupational isolation (work alone or in family business)
  • Accountant did not advise responsibilities or obligations (self-employed, this does not include Working Directors)
  • Illness of the worker, an immediate family member or carer's responsibilities.

To apply for an earlier registration date and having missing service added to your record, complete the Missing Service Application.

If you were a contractor, you will need to have a registered tax agent lodge a Self-Employed Worker Certificate of Service for each year you perform eligible building and construction work in NSW. These certificates can be completed online via the Tax Agent Portal on our website. For periods of work more than two (2) financial years in the past, you will need to provide special circumstances for the delay in lodging the certificates. Please provide your reasons either via email to or call the Helpline on 13 14 41.

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