Backdating your registration

When your record starts

Sometimes workers are registered with the scheme long after they started working in the building and construction industry. This means that they will not have credits for work they did before their registration date.

Service can only be recorded for periods of work from the registration date that is approved by the Long Service Corporation.

Getting approval for an earlier registration date

Registered workers can apply to the Corporation for special consideration to have their registration date reset to an earlier date (ie. backdated). This will allow the earlier work to be counted in their record.

Legislation requires that the Corporation must be satisfied before backdating a registration that there were ‘special circumstances’.

'Special circumstances' are occurrences or a combination of reasons that either prevented the worker from registering earlier or understandably caused them to overlook registering. The ‘special circumstances’ to allow backdating of a registration have to be specific to the worker and of a significant nature.

When considering 'special circumstances' the Corporation considers such things as geographical isolation of the worker, communication difficulties, major personal crisis or trauma.

Each case is considered on its merit.

Not knowing about portable long service entitlements or the need to register with the Corporation are not, on their own, acceptable reasons for the setting of an earlier registration date.

After considering the circumstances you provide the Corporation will determine your registration date.

Lodging a request for the setting of an earlier registration date

Complete the Application for an earlier registration date and return it to us.

Recording periods of employment from your registration date

The setting of a registration date in the past does not mean that periods of employment are automatically recorded from that date. You must provide employment details.

If you are self employed you need to have your tax agent lodge Self Employed Workers Certificates of Service to have service credited to your record.

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