What are the benefits?

Building and construction workers can get a long service payment after working in the industry for a total of 10 years. It doesn't matter how many different employers they have worked for or whether they were a contractor.

After recording a total of 10 years worked in the industry a worker is entitled to receive a long service payment equivalent to two months (8.67 weeks) pay. This is calculated at the award rate for the type of work performed.

Workers employed under a certified agreement will be paid at the rate under the agreement, except if they are a working director or directly supervise workers, then they will be paid at the rate under the agreement or applicable award for the workers being supervised.

After taking a payment for the first 10 years, workers can take another one month's pay every five years after that.

A worker who has been employed by the one employer for 10 consecutive years is still entitled to two months long service leave, paid by the employer. If the worker chooses to take the two months paid long service leave, the employer can then get a payment from the scheme. The worker does not get two payments.

If the worker chooses to take a long service payment directly from the scheme, they don't get any time off and the employer pays nothing.

Benefits may be payable to workers with less than 10 years service in certain circumstances.

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