Advise us of worker's service

How do you let us know about a worker's service

In the first week of July employers will be sent either a paper Employer Return or advice that their Employer Return is available Online for completion. Employer Return's must be completed and submitted by 31 July.

The return is a list of workers that the Corporation has recorded as being employed by you. This list is compiled from the Start Notices and End Notices you have lodged in the previous financial year(s).

  • If a worker is shown on the return that you no longer employ there is provision on the return to indicate on what date the worker was terminated.
  • If a worker you employ is not on the return, you must complete and submit a Start Notice to the Corporation immediately.
  • If you have employed a worker who has been conducting eligible building and construction work on occasional days during the whole year, the return can show the whole financial year as the period of employment but the part time box must be crossed. You must then provide the actual number of days worked during the year.

There are two options for completing the Employer Return.

  • Internet - Visit our Online Services Centre and complete the return online.
  • You can complete and return the paper Employer Return that we mail to you.
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