Code of Ethics and Conduct

Long Service Corporation is an entity of DFSI Cluster

Our customers have a right to expect our business to be conducted with efficiency, fairness, impartiality and integrity. Our colleagues also deserve the same courtesies.

DFSI has developed the Code of Ethics and Conduct policy in accordance with the "Model Code of Conduct for NSW public agencies - policies and guidelines" and through a consultative process involving all members of staff. It sets out specific standards of behaviour that reflect the public sector's ethical principles and provides a guide to assist staff in resolving the ethical issues faced in their day to day work activities.

While there is no one set of rules capable of providing answers to all ethical questions which arise, this Code provides the framework for appropriate conduct in a variety of contexts.

The high ethical standards and commitment of the Corporation's staff are acknowledged and this code is a further step in demonstrating the Corporation's commitment to high personal standards of conduct and ethics.

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