Customer Commitments

Our Commitment to you

The NSW Customer Commitments are our promise to customers on what to expect when interacting with NSW public services. They are a whole of government guarantee that ensures customers are at the heart of our services.


Easy access icon

Easy to access


Empathy icon

Act with empathy

  • Make it easy to access what I need.
  • Make it simple for me to understand.
  • Show you understand my situation.
  • Treat me fairly and with respect.
  • Provide service in my time of need.

Respect icon

Respect my time


Explain icon

Explain what to expect

  • Tell me what I need to know beforehand.
  • Minimise the need for me to repeat myself.
  • Make what I need to do straightforward.
  • Be clear about what steps are involved.
  • Contact me when I need to know something.
  • Let me know what the outcomes could be.

Resolve icon

Resolve the situation


Engage icon

Engage the community

  • Be accountable for your actions.
  • Be clear in decision-making.
  • Reach an outcome.
  • Listen to the community to understand our needs.
  • Ask us how we want services delivered.
What you can expect from us

In every contact you have with the Long Service Corporation you can expect us to:

  • Treat you fairly, with respect and courtesy
  • Provide you with accurate, consistent information and options
  • Provide a timely and reliable service that meets our service standards
  • Make it easy to access our services
  • Treat your information lawfully.
How can you help us to help you

We expect you to treat our staff with respect, courtesy and consideration.

We can provide you with a better customer experience if you:

  • Provide relevant and accurate information
  • Let us know immediately when things change
  • Are open and honest
  • Work cooperatively with our staff
  • Treat staff in a way that is not threatening or abusive.
We value your feedback

We welcome your feedback, whether it's a compliment, suggestion, comment, or complaint.

It will help us improve our services or correct a problem we may not have been aware of.

You can provide feedback by phone, email, letter or online using the Provide Feedback form or the Your Feedback tab located on all pages of our website.

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