Appeals and administrative decisions

Appeals can be lodged to the relevant independent industry committee against certain decisions made by LSC.

Appealable decisions may relate to the administration of the scheme and can be appealed by a registered worker, employer, a person attempting to register as a worker, or by a levy payer in respect of levy payments.

Appeals can only be lodged for:

  • Refusing or cancelling a registration
  • Refusing recognition and recording of service
  • Removal of service credits
  • Amount of levy payable
  • Direction to pay interest on levies
  • Refusal to grant an exemption, or revoke and exemption, from lodging a return (contract cleaning industry only)
  • Limitations to the minimum and maximum rates of pay used to pay claims.

Information on how to lodge an appeal against a decision is readily on our website.

Appeals cannot be lodged for decisions including:

  • Warnings
  • Penalty Infringement Notices
  • Prosecutions
  • Internal debt collection
  • External debt collection.

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