Leave or payment?

Generally, long service leave cannot be taken as a payment only. The worker has to take the time off work.

However, a pro rata payment can be taken if the worker has at least five years service credits and:

  • has permanently left the industry; and
  • *10 weeks have passed since the worker permanently left the industry; and
  • *service credits have not been recorded in that 10 week period OR
  • is deceased.

*For COVID-19 updates to the contract cleaning industry click here.

In the case of a deceased worker with a long service leave entitlement, a payment can be made to the worker’s personal representative.

An application for payment for a deceased worker must be made within two years of the date of suspension of registration or within two years of the date of death, whichever is the latter.

Please note that we may contact your current or previous employer to verify information when processing your claim.

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