Annual Statement 2021-22 FAQs

What is a Annual Statement?

Your Annual Statement is a record of the number of days you were credited with the Long Service Corporation for cleaning work you performed in NSW. It lists the employer/s who have told us that you worked for them between 1 July and 30 June each financial year.

What are Days Credited?

This is the number of days credited to your record and is capped at a maximum of 365 service days per year.

Does this effect my wages?

This does not effect your wages. Your employer is required to report the wages paid/payable to you during the period you performed cleaning work (Gross Ordinary Wages). This includes shift penalties, but does not include overtime and allowances for travel, meals, protective clothing or materials, or equipment.

What are Total Credits?

This is the total number of days credited to your record since you were registered with the scheme.

What if I have Missing Service?

It is important that all your periods of employment as a cleaner between 1 July and 30 June each financial year, are listed on your statement. If you believe you have missing service please download, complete and return your Record Update Form with the required supporting documentation

What if I get more than one statement?

You should only receive one statement. If you receive more than one you may have multiple registrations which could affect your future entitlements. To advise us of this please download, complete and return your Record Update Form and return to the Long Service Corporation.

When can I take my long service from this scheme?

If you are still working in the NSW cleaning industry, you must have at least 3650 days (10 years) service and you must take at least 2 weeks long service leave.

If you have permanently ceased work in the NSW cleaning industry and have at least 1825 days (5 years) service you may apply for a pro rata payment.

What if I have been with my current employer for many years?

The NSW long service scheme commenced on 1 July 2011 and does not recognise service prior to this date. You should check with your employer about any long service entitlement for periods of employment before 1 July 2011.

For example, a cleaner who has nine years of service with the same employer and continues to be employed by them for 12 months following the start of the scheme, will apply to their employer for long service leave under the Long Service Leave Act 1955.

Employer reimbursement payments

Where your employer has made a payment to you for continuous service under the Long Service Leave Act 1955, the employer applies to the Corporation for a reimbursement payment. This service cannot also be claimed by you.

What if I have worked in other States?

This statement covers your work in NSW for the 2021-22 financial year. If you have performed cleaning work and are registered in the Schemes in ACT, QLD or VIC, they will issue a statement to you.

It is not possible to transfer service from one state scheme to another state scheme. However, your interstate service can be added to your NSW service to determine whether you are entitled to a combined payment.

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