Work in other States or Territories

Preserving service in NSW scheme

National reciprocal arrangements allow every state and territory involved in the arrangement to recognise service recorded in the scheme of another state and add all periods of service together when calculating eligibility for paying a long service payment and when calculating the amount of the long service payment.

Currently, reciprocal arrangements exist everywhere in Australia. It should be noted however that the rules of coverage and eligibility for registration in the various schemes throughout Australia are not the same. This means that, while a worker may register and accumulate service in the scheme in NSW, the same work in another State may not be recognised and the worker may not be able to register in the long service scheme of another state.

Any period that a worker is not accumulating service with this or another scheme is counted as a non-service period. When four consecutive years of non-service are accumulated the Corporation may suspend or cancel that worker's registration. Cancellation of registration, depending on the outcome of any appeal, results in the loss of all entitlements in the scheme.

Some registered workers from NSW perform building and construction work in another State or Territory where the scheme does not provide eligibility for self-employed workers. Workers in such a situation may apply to the Corporation to have such periods of work used to defer any cancellation (or suspension) action by the Corporation. This will preserve the worker's record while the circumstances continue. The Corporation will grant these 'service preservation days' if supporting evidence of the circumstance is provided. Generally correspondence from the person's employer or copies of invoices to self-employed sub-contract worker's customers will suffice.

There is no limit on the 'service preservation days' that may be applied for as long as these circumstances continue.

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