Unable to work due to illness or injury?

Registered workers who are (or were) ill or injured may be able to have periods of illness and disability added to their long service record. This applies to employees and self employed workers, irrespective of whether the illness or injury was work related.

Additional days can be added in the financial year in which your employment was terminated, i.e. from termination date to 30 June, and a further 220 days for each of the next three years ending 30 June.  The maximum service that can be added in any financial year (including periods of illness or disability) is 220 days.

If you intend to claim a long service payment

You cannot receive further medical service credits after you have been paid a long service payment on leaving the building industry. If you are going to be off work for a long time, and want to receive your full allocation of medical credits, you must delay claiming a long service payment until you've exhausted your entitlement to receive medical service credits.


If you are an employee on worker's compensation, and your employment has not been terminated, time off work due to illness or injury is included in employment details sent to the Corporation by your employer. However, if your employment has been terminated, you should apply for any periods of illness or injury after termination to be added to your record.


If you are a contractor, you should apply for any periods during which you could not work because of illness or injury to be added to your record.

How to apply for days to be added for periods of illness or injury?

Complete the application form and declaration on the inside of the brochure and send it to us with the required supporting papers. Applications should be made within two years of the time of illness/injury, unless some circumstances prevented you from doing so.

Where an application is for a period more than two years ago, a letter should be sent with the application explaining the reason why the application was not made earlier.

What happens then?

The Corporation will consider your application and supporting documents and advise you of the result in writing. If your application was successful, you will also be advised of the number of days added to your record.

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