Pay the levy by instalments


  • If the work is to cost over $10 million (inclusive of GST) 

  • The Work will take more than 12 months

  • The payment of the entire levy can be shown to be unduly onerous.


  • Obtain an ‘Application to pay by Instalment’ form, from the Corporation, click here.
  • Complete and send your application to or the Corporation’s postal address. 
  • At the time of submission of the form, please advise the name and contact details of your approving authority and the proposed scheduling of the stages of work; i.e the proposed value of works of each Construction Certificate to be issued and the approximate date of commencement of that stage.
  • The first instalment should be paid on receipt of the instalment plan and prior to works commencing.
NOTE: Those wishing to apply to pay the levy by instalments MUST apply before any works commence and levy is paid as no refund can be given. Back to top