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Corporation guidelines

Privacy and Protection of Personal Information

Detailed discussions about any matters relating to worker service, claims and claimable service may only take place with the registered worker or their authorised agent (in writing).

  • Enquiries by the registered worker about their service record, claims made and claimable service are not affected by the Privacy Act.
  • Enquiries of a general nature about the scheme and its requirements are not affected.
  • Enquiries by employers about a worker's record will require employers to identify themselves and provide knowledge of the worker to the satisfaction of the Corporation and only details related to the service lodged by that employer may be disclosed.
  • Enquiries by persons acting on behalf of a worker will require the person to identify themselves and provide knowledge of the worker's registration and service details to the satisfaction of the Corporation. The Corporation will then only clarify issues in respect of specific service matters raised by the enquirer and where the enquirer provides detailed information on the matter itself. No general disclosure of the worker's record may take place. Similarly, changes of address will only be accepted if the worker has provided written authority for the person acting on their behalf to change their address. Service gaps may be disclosed to such enquirers.
  • Information related to claims or claimable service will only be released to the registered worker either on the Helpline or by post or email.
  • Enquiries by solicitors, Australian Tax Office and Centrelink will need to be in writing. Information about the worker's record will not be provided over the phone.
  • Confirmation of an active registration of an employer when requested by a principal contractor is allowed.
  • Telephone interpreter service, reciprocal payments and appeal investigations are not affected.
  • Should an agent require urgent or detailed information on a worker's record outside of the matters above, a statement authorising release of such information signed by the worker to the Corporation will be accepted for the purposes of releasing information.

Privacy complaints

The Corporation welcomes customer feedback where it is perceived that inappropriate action was taken by the Corporation.

All matters will be closely examined and our procedures corrected if our actions have been inappropriate.

Use our online feedback form.

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