Registering as an Employer

If you are an employer in the contract cleaning industry, i.e. a company, partnership, sole trader or a trust that employs workers on wages to perform cleaning work, you must register with the Corporation.

Please note that a contract to do cleaning work may be either verbal or written.

The scheme does not cover a person who is:

  • engaged solely to supervise workers; or
  • a partner in a partnership they work for; or
  • a director of the company they work for; or
  • a trustee of a trust they work for; or
  • under a contract of service with a Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government authority; or
  • employed on wages or salary by the owner of the premises they clean.

Companies, partnerships, sole traders and trusts that don’t employ workers on wages or salary to do contract cleaning work are not eligible to register with this scheme.

Employers are required to register with the Corporation within one month of becoming an employer in the industry. Existing employers as at 1 July 2011 must register by 31 July 2011.

To register as an employer:

When you register as an employer, you will be sent a certificate of registration. If there is a change to the details on your certificate of registration, you have to notify the Corporation of those changes within seven days.

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