Annual Statement

Every year the Corporation provides a statement to registered workers. The statement includes details of the service credits added to the worker's record for the financial year ending 30 June.

The Annual Statement tells the worker:

  • Total recorded services (in years and days) at the start of the financial year
  • Service credits added during the financial year
  • Names of employers who notified the Corporation of service
  • Days credited from Self Employed Worker Certificate of Service
  • Total service claimed
  • Total recorded service in the scheme at 30 June that year

Workers on wages or salary

Annual Statements are available online from September through to December.

It is important to check the statement every year. Make sure that every employer you have worked for has notified the Corporation of your service records. Without notification, you will not get the long service payment that you are entitled to.

The accuracy of workers' service details depends on the information reported to the Corporation by their employers. If we don't receive the correct information, we can't put it in your statement.

Waged Worker Annual Statement FAQ's

How to read Waged Worker Annual Statement

Self employed workers (sole traders or in partnerships)

It is important to make sure all building and construction work you did in New South Wales for the financial year is listed on your annual statement. That way when you become eligible to claim, your payment will reflect the correct number of days that you worked. Your service credits for the financial year will not appear on the statement if your tax agent has not lodged your Self Employed Worker Certificate of Service. Your tax agent can lodge your Self Employed Worker Service online.

Self Employed Worker Annual Statement FAQ's

How to read Self Employed Worker Annual Statement

What to do if your statement is incorrect

It is important that you carefully check the service information in your statement,  just as you would check your bank statements. Although the Corporation devotes considerable resources to checking information and ensuring accuracy, it is reliant on the quality of the information supplied by yourself and your employers. Errors do occur!

To tell us about service which doesn't appear on your statement you will need to complete a Record Update Form. It can also be used to give us other details about your registration:

  • A change to your address
  • Being unable to record service due to any of the following reasons - suffering from an illness or injury, undertaking light duties as part of a rehabilitation program, attending a training course relevant to the building and construction industry, doing building and construction work for a government agency as an employee, pregnant, receiving a carer's pension, doing voluntary building work following a declared emergency, doing speculative work on a residential building for the purpose of sale.
  • Working in another state or territory
  • Having more than one registration number in NSW

If you are a sole trader or in partnership you do not need to use this form for your missing service. Your tax agent can  lodge a Self Employed Worker Certificate of Service for you to update your record. They can do this via the Tax Agent Online facility, or you can phone our Helpline on 13 14 41 to get a paper certificate for them to complete.
Remember, delays in reporting missing service and errors could result in you losing valuable entitlements so update your record today!

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