After you register

After the Corporation receives a completed Worker Registration Application from a worker or an employer lodges a Start Notice, and it is approved, a Registration card is sent to you at your home address.

  • The registration card will have your unique registration number on it.
  • When you start a new job you must tell your employer about your worker registration number.
  • Days worked in the building and construction industry can be recorded if they are after your registration date.
  • When you change your address you must tell the Corporation.
  • If you move interstate you need to register with the long service scheme in that State or territory.

Just because you have a registration card it does not mean that your registration is still current or that your service is still being recorded. You need to check your Annual Statement each year to ensure all work has been recorded correctly and that your contact details are current.

If you are not receiving correspondence from the Corporation you should check to see if your registration is still current.

Do it Online

After you are registered you can request a login password to check your details and service credits online. The password will be sent to your email address if you have provided one otherwise it will be sent to your postal address.

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