Obtaining information

How do I access information?


There are only limited and specific interests against disclosure that the Corporation can take into account. These are:

  • Law enforcement and security
  • Individual rights, judicial processes and natural justice
  • Responsible and effective government
  • Business interests
  • Environment, culture, economy and other matters
  • Secrecy and exemption provisions in other laws.

Application fees and processing charges

The Long Service Corporation has a no fee policy regarding submitting applications for access to information. However, there may be an application fee of $30 depending on the nature of your enquiry i.e. repetitive or time-consuming requests.

Processing charges can also be imposed at a rate of $30 per hour. In some circumstances an advance deposit may be required. We will let you know in writing if your application will incur a fee. Certain discounts may apply, including on financial hardship and public interest grounds – for more details see the Information and Privacy Commissioner NSW Fact Sheets.

Processing time - The GIPA Act sets a limit of 20 working days from the receipt of the application until it must be determined. This can be extended by 10 working days (to a maximum accumulation of 15 days) for consultation or archived records.

NSW Privacy Act

The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (Privacy Act), contains a number of provisions regarding the collection and use of personal information and the rights of individuals to access and amend, if necessary, their personal information held by NSW government agencies, including the Long Service Corporation.

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